Steve Hegedus

Steve Hegedus

President, CEO & Owner
Abdallah Candies Corp.
Burnsville, Minn.

Steve Hegedus began his experience with Abdallah Candies at an early age. Before he was a teenager he was trained in candy making basics such as hand pulling hard candy, making marshmallow centers, enrobing, molding and making fondant centers. Although not quite the norm for most twelve-year-old boys, it was so for the son of a family candy-making business.

Hegedus owes his success to founder Albert Abdallah, his great-great grandfather, who in the early 1900’s, at the young age of 17, immigrated to the U.S. from Syria.

Abdallah put into motion the principles that future generations would instinctively share. First; good quality is not enough for Abdallah Candies. Great and unquestionable quality is the objective.
Second; teach your children well. Each new generation of candy makers started young and was invited into the vocation at every opportunity.

Lastly and perhaps most important; Hegedus proclaims that behind every good man is the support of his wife. Each generation, husband and wife, together, have collectively devoted their livelihood to this more than a century-old business.

With a sole retail factory outlet, Steve focuses on wholesaling the Abdallah Candies brand with their high-end caramel, toffee, truffles along with over 200 other specialty chocolates including Alligators, Grizzlies and Downtowner. After becoming resident in 1998, ceo in 2007 and owner in 2009, Steve Hegedus has been instrumental in the growth of the company, transitioning it from a retail confectioner to a wholesale manufacturer while simultaneously preserving Abdallah Candies’ reputation as a quality retail confectioner.

After Hegedus became president, the company moved from a 20,000- to 65,000-sq.-ft. factory. The new space allowed Abdallah’s to keep up with its sustained growth, but now, its two shifts and 140 employees struggle to keep up.

Currently, a welcomed multi-phase plan is now underway for their addition of a soon-to-be 120,000- sq.- ft., state-of-the art factory and second factory store.

Hegeduls attributes his success to the people around him. It is their willingness to change in order to meet customer’s needs and their ability to handle simultaneous developments as well as to ensure a steady stream of new products and innovation that keeps their products in high demand.

Abdallah Candies Corp. is a devoted member and longstanding supporter of the Burnsville, Minn. community where they have based since 1965, supporting such charities as Sharing and Caring Hands and the 360° Communities. He works together with his wife, Karen to whom he has been married to for 25 years. His three boys Steve, Ryan and Jason have also become active in the family business.