Established in 1946 by Candy Industry's founder and publisher, Don Gussow, the Kettle Award represents the highest recognition an individual working within the U.S. confectionery industry can attain.

It is, as Gussow explained to readers, "recognition of the contribution for 'great or good' of the industry, not only on the part of the person selected for the distinction, but of every member of the confectionery field who has devoted himself in whatever measure to make the business of candy making and selling a more profitable and happier one."

2014 Kettle Award Winner

Mike Bianco

Mike Bianco

Senior V.P. of Global Operations & Distribution
Jelly Belly Candy Co.
Fairfield, Calif.

Mike Bianco, senior vice president of global operations & distribution at Jelly Belly Candy Co., has made candy a lifelong career. An integral part of Jelly Belly Candy for the last 28 years, Bianco has held various positions before working his way up to overseeing all operations. Prior to joining Jelly Belly, he worked for See’s Candy.


Kettle Award Reception Venue

The Union League Club of Chicago
65 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60604
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About The Kettle Awards


Since 1946, Candy Industry magazine has recognized leaders in the U.S. confectionery industry with the highest recognition possible, the Kettle Award. The distinguished recipients have captured this most coveted award by not only excelling within their companies, but by contributing to the greater good of the industry.

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